Media Mention  /  March 8, 2021

The Californian: Valadao’s 2022 campaign started the day he voted for impeachment

The Republican Accountability Project, an initiative launched five weeks ago by Defending Democracy Together, a group of anti-Trump conservatives led by Bill Kristol, has invested $1 million in a mass show of support for the 10 Republican members of Congress who voted to impeach Trump and the seven Republican senators who voted to convict.

The advertising campaign, which debuted two weeks ago, thanks the 17 Republican personas non grata with near-identical billboards in each of their districts: “Thank you, Rep. Valadao,” reads the one placed on southbound Highway 99, just south of Taft Highway, “for defending the Constitution.” Television spots, tailored to each of the 17, started airing on Fox News on Feb. 19. RAP also announced it will commit $50 million to support their reelection efforts.