“The hope of impunity is a strong incitement to sedition; the dread of punishment, a proportionably strong discouragement to it.”
- Alexander Hamilton, Federalist 27

On January 6, 2021, the United States Capitol was attacked by radical Trump supporters who were attempting to overturn a  fair election.

The attackers were directly incited by Trump and the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress who had been falsely claiming, for months—and in the immediate moments before the attack—that the election had been stolen from Trump.

This was the lie that motivated the attack on the Capitol. We cannot allow it to persist. It erodes Americans’ faith in the integrity of our electoral system. It creates more opportunity for violence from radical actors who have been told by elected officials that the election was stolen from them. And it threatens the very democracy we all cherish.

Republicans would like to simply move on. But without accountability there is no clear path forward. That is why we’ve launched the Republican Accountability Project.

To that end, the Republican Accountability Project will:

  1. Support Republicans in Congress who, at great personal and political risk, are defying party leadership and defending the institutions of our republic;
  2. Work to unseat those who have tried to overturn a legitimate election and supported impunity for political violence, including by strategically recruiting and promoting primary challengers through our PAC;
  3. Push back against lies and conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud and “rigged” elections.

If you’d like to join our effort, please sign your name to stand with us for accountability. If you’re able, please consider making a donation to help us ensure we have the resources we need to defend those defending our democracy.


Accountability matters.

If you’re a Republican politician who supported the Big Lie that there was widespread fraud in this election, if you objected to the certification of legitimate Electoral College votes, or otherwise pretended that Congress could overturn the will of the American people, you will be held accountable.