I stand with Liz Cheney.

Rep. Cheney is standing for the truth. Will you?

The fear of losing power has animated the GOP since Jan 6. In stark contrast, the fear of losing our democracy animated Liz Cheney. Rep. Cheney has been on the receiving end of a bitter grudge and unfair attacks since that day. Nevertheless, she hasn’t backed down from demanding accountability.

Now, Rep. Cheney has lost her job for bringing the country the truth. But she has graciously accepted the consequence because she loves her country more than power. She is a testament to the personal responsibility that her party no longer welcomes.

Cheney knows the peaceful transfer of power is essential to our democracy. Unlike her opponents, she demonstrated that this tradition must be honored, no matter how upsetting the result.

Cheney may have lost her job, but she did not lose her honor.

We stand with Liz. Do you?