Media Mention  /  January 30, 2021

The Independent: GOP group launches billboards demanding Cruz and Hawley resign

GOP campaigners have called on senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to resign through billboards that condemn them for supporting claims the 2020 election was “stolen”.

The billboard campaign, which launched on Thursday, targets 10 other Republicans who also rejected Joe Biden’s presidential election win when Congress voted on 6 January – hours after they came under attack by Donald Trump’s supporters with claims the election was “rigged”.

About $1 million (£729,000) has been spent on the billboard campaign, Politico reported, which has been set-up by the Republican Accountability Project (RAP), a group of former GOP officials who formed together in the days after the Capitol riot.

RAP has already committed to spend $50 million (£36 million) supporting GOP members of Congress who voted to impeach Mr Trump on 13 January, as well as senators who vote to convict him for “incitement of insurrection”.

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