Press Release  /  January 29, 2021

RAP Kicks Off $1 Million Billboard Campaign Targeting Congressional Republicans

Today, the Republican Accountability Project (RAP) kicked off a $1 million billboard campaign across the country calling for prominent members of Congress to resign for inciting the January 6 Capitol attack. Billboards depicting Senator Cruz (R-TX) will run in major markets across Texas, including Dallas-Forth Worth, Austin, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. The billboard includes his image and says, “You lied about the election. The Capitol was attacked. Sen. Cruz: Resign.” There will be a similar billboard targeting Senator Hawley (R-MO) in St. Louis, Columbia, and Jefferson City. Billboards will also call for the resignation of Reps. Nunes and McCarthy (R-CA), Brooks (R-AL), Greene (R-GA), Cawthorn and Bishop (R-NC), Jordan (R-OH), Gaetz (R-FL), Gohmert (R-TX), and Stefanik (R-NY). House members will have the billboards run in their respective congressional districts to maximize constituent reach.

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There are nearly 100 live static and digital billboards running daily for the next month. The billboard campaign will be followed in the coming weeks with additional condemnations by RAP of such behavior by elected leaders. There is potential to expand in other states and markets and with other members of Congress.

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In addition to the billboards, RAP is going to air a new ad beginning next week that shows the direct impact of the words from these members on the crowd on January 6. The ad will air statewide in Texas and Missouri and will appear on both Fox & Friends and Hannity in each member’s congressional district.

“These representatives and senators helped incite the attack on the Capitol by spreading lies about the election,” said Sarah Longwell, executive director of RAP. “They have proved that they are unfit to hold office. They should be nowhere near power.”

Please reach out directly with any further questions or to learn more about the specifics of this campaign. Directors of RAP, Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann, will also be available for comment.


Meaghan Leister
Chief of National Communications & Outreach
Defending Democracy Together