Press Release  /  February 5, 2021

RAP Impeachment Campaign Urges Republican Senators to Vote to Convict Trump

As part of a half-million dollar campaign, the Republican Accountability Project (RAP) has just launched a series of new ads directed at Senate Republicans ahead of next week’s impeachment vote in the Senate. The personalized ads will appear statewide throughout 19 states, targeting 22 different senators. The ads highlight Trump’s own words to the crowd on January 6 that clearly instigated the following siege. This video footage provides evidence of the president’s incitement of an attack on the seat of government. Many echoed Trump’s claims of “fraud” and corruption. The ads close with a call-to-action for each senator to vote to convict President Trump. In addition, RAP will also have a mobile billboard roving and parked at the Capitol all day on Tuesday and Wednesday during the trial, calling for Trump’s conviction.

Video: Senator McConnell, Vote To Convict Trump

Video: GOP Senators, Vote To Convict Trump

Mockup Image: Mobile Billboard

The constituents of the following republican senators will be reached: Barrasso (WY), Collins (ME), Sasse (NE), Toomey (PA), Romney (UT), Grassley (IA), McConnell (KY), Burr and Tillis (NC), Inhofe and Lankford (OK), Cornyn (TX), Shelby (AL), Young (IN), Moran (KY), Cassidy (LA), Wicker (MS), Cramer and Hoeven (ND), Portman (OH), Thune (SD), and Capito (WV). The personalized ads will air on Fox & Friends, in all major markets, Monday – Thursday in their respective homestates. Additionally, a similar ad will run on Fox & Friends and during Fox News Channel primetime on Monday-Thursday in the DC market, geared toward all republican senators, to vote to convict.

“This is exactly the kind of case impeachment was designed for,” said Sarah Longwell, executive director of RAP. “Trump abused the power of the presidency to attempt a violent overthrow of Congress so he could stay in office even though he lost the election. If Republicans don’t convict him, they’re actively endorsing his behavior and inviting more violence and usurpation.”

If you have any further questions about this campaign or would like to see the personalized video of a senator listed above, please let me know. RAP Directors Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann will be available for interviews.