House of Representatives

Rep. David G. Valadao


“Based on the facts before me, I have to go with my gut and vote my conscience. I voted to impeach President Trump. His inciting rhetoric was un-American, abhorrent, and absolutely an impeachable offense. It’s time to put country over politics.”

Rep. David Valadao represents California’s 21st district as one of 11 California Republicans in the House. He was the only Republican from his state with the courage to do the right thing and vote to impeach President Trump, something that he does not regret doing.

A son of Portuguese immigrants, Rep. Valadao grew up working on the family farm before embarking on a life of public service, and he currently serves on the House Appropriations Committee. Rep. Valadao stays involved with farmers in his district by serving in various leadership positions on the California Milk Advisory Board. He had this to say about his impeachment vote: “Even when my side does it, it’s wrong.”