Media Mention  /  August 15, 2021

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania should resist election audit efforts

In early July, state Sen. Doug Mastriano submitted a request to York, Tioga, and Philadelphia county officials: turn over election-related data by the end of the month to pave the way for an audit of the 2020 election. No matter the fact that Pennsylvania already conducted a risk-limiting audit that verified the election results.


Pennsylvania voters are wise to Mastriano’s shell game. A majority of Pennsylvanians believe Biden fairly won the election. These numbers reveal the ugly truth about the Pennsylvania fraudit: This is about Mastriano and his audience of one, not the voters.

The proposed Pennsylvania fraudit comes down to this: A deeply partisan politician is pushing for an audit that is as unnecessary as it is wasteful. And it will cost Pennsylvanians more than money; it will cost trust in the fabric of our democratic system.

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