Media Mention  /  May 4, 2022

New York Times: There’s No Reason to Think Republicans Are Ready to Move On From Trump

Mr. Vance’s win is likely to come as a disappointment to some Republicans who have been quietly hoping that Mr. Trump’s grip on the party is slipping. They see the midterms as an existential moment for the party. They are acutely aware that if the candidates he endorsed do well, the feeling of inevitability that he will be the party’s nominee in 2024 increases, annihilating any hope of reconstituting a political coalition around anything other than fealty to Mr. Trump.

And some Republicans have also worried that some of the outlandish candidates endorsed by Mr. Trump could lose winnable races.

Yet conservatives must be honest. At this time, there is no moving past Mr. Trump. He has remade the Republican Party in his image, and many Republican voters now crave his particular brand of combative politics.