Media Mention  /  January 6, 2022

Metro News: West Virginia defendants responded to president’s Jan. 6 call. Punishment is all theirs

An emphasis on criminal penalties for low-level protesters without an inquiry focused on the prominent people driving events would be out of whack, said Amanda Carpenter, a West Virginian who serves as director of the national Republicans for Voting Rights.

“It is a gross matter of injustice that the only people facing consequences for the January 6 riot are the protesters and not the people who funded the protest, organized the protest, provided explicit reason to protest, and encouraged them to protest, all for the clear purpose of opposing, delaying, or stopping the certification of Joe Biden as president,” Carpenter said.

“This is precisely why the bipartisan committee is needed and why some GOP members, who publicly encouraged the rioters, don’t want their roles examined. The committee’s work must go on, as it is the only body capable of performing this important duty.”

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