You deserve to know the truth about January 6.

Now is not the time to put party priorities ahead of principles. But that’s exactly what Kevin McCarthy is doing.

When Trump lied about the election, McCarthy followed his lead. When white nationalists, anti-vaxxers, and conspiracy theorists in his caucus needed protecting, McCarthy was right there to give them cover. And now, he’s refusing to give the American people the information they deserve about January 6.

And it’s not just McCarthy, either. Every day, more and more Republican politicians spout election lies and conspiracy theories that are ripping our nation apart. This has to end. Now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. When one of our major political parties sacrifices principles for power, it’s bad for all of us. That’s why the Republican Accountability Project exists. Our mission is to fight dangerous ideas in the GOP, protect democracy against those who are trying to destroy it, and build a powerful coalition of Americans who want politics based on ideas instead of partisanship.

When you support the Republican Accountability Project, you’re setting yourself apart as someone who stands up for the truth, instead of the tribe. You empower our team to:

  • Produce and promote TV ads and billboards that spread the truth about the Big Lie, call out public figures who are peddling misinformation, and support the principled Republicans who put truth first and country over party.
  • Make more media appearances defending American values.
  • Use social media to expose the conspiracy theories and lies of the MAGA movement for everyone to see.
  • Create more educational resources to help persuade reachable voters.
  • And more . . .

Join the tens of thousands of Americans who support the Republican Accountability Project, and make sure bad-faith Republicans are taken to task for their actions. Donate today.