Pledge to Defend Democracy

Our nation is facing a time of crisis like nothing we’ve seen before. And the worst threat is coming from within.

Every day, our nation grows more deeply divided, and our ability to respectfully disagree shrinks. Too much of the division is driven by populist leaders who have let their principles slip, going along with MAGA rhetoric and lies in order to gain more votes and better ratings.

We are Republicans, former Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who all have had enough. Enough of the spin, enough of the misinformation and conspiracy theories, and enough of today’s Republican Party telling us that our concerns don’t matter. We’re not just going to give up and get out of the way. America’s leaders—politicians and pundits alike—must be held to a higher standard.

We believe that our nation works best when our leaders put love of country and the pursuit of truth before tribalism and partisan games. And we are sick and tired of seeing leaders on the Right manipulating and preying on the fears of the American people, in the name of currying favor and gaining short-term power. They are threatening the fabric of our nation, inciting violence, and destroying relationships. It has to stop.

We hereby pledge that we will:

  • Hold politicians, media personalities, and influencers accountable for their words and actions, calling them out when they go too far
  • Condemn far right conspiracy theories and scare tactics wherever they arise—whether on leading news networks or social media—and defend the pursuit of truth
  • Demand integrity and transparency from today’s Republican leaders, and that they put their nation’s needs ahead of their own desires for power
  • Support brave leaders in politics and elsewhere who act on their consciences and defend the truth, regardless of the consequences
  • Pursue a more unified and civil America, where Republicans and Democrats can work together to leave our nation better than we found it

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