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As you’ll learn in “Anatomy of an Audit,” none of the forensic audits or election integrity laws that Republicans champion aim to expose real, widespread fraud. There isn’t any to expose. The real purpose is to spread more lies and to undermine faith in our democracy. And all because Donald Trump can’t accept that he lost an election.

The GOP is becoming a party of sore losers, and this has dangerous implications for our nation. We’ve already seen it in the California recall election, where GOP candidate Larry Elder claimed that the election was stolen weeks before a single vote was counted.

The time to take a stand and fight back is now. This eBooklet is just one piece of a larger effort, and we need your help with the rest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. When one of our major political parties loses touch with reality, it’s bad for all of us. That’s why the Republican Accountability Project exists. Our mission is to fight dangerous ideas in the GOP, protect everyone’s right to have their vote count, and give voice to the Americans who are fed up with the Republican party’s insanity.

Your donation will empower our team to:

  • Create more educational resources pushing back against Republican conspiracy theories like the Big Lie
  • Make more media appearances defending American values
  • Use social media to expose the conspiracy theories and lies of the MAGA movement for everyone to see
  • And more . . .

Will you join the tens of thousands of Americans who support the Republican Accountability Project, and make sure Republicans are taken to task for their actions?